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Srikrishna Janmashtami, Ashtami Rohini,Srikrishna Jayanthi, Janmashtami- all refers to the birthday  of Lord Srikrishna.Scholars have calculated that Srikrishna was born on July 19th Wednesday midnight in the year 3227B.C.He was the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.He was born in a prison cell in Mathura city  of U.P. during the reign of King Kansa.King Kansa was a cruel person who was hated by the people.Krishna was born to his sister Devaki and Vasudev.At the time of marriage of Devaki, Kansa heard a heavenly voice that eighth child of Devaki would kill him.Horrified Kansa put Devaki and Vasudev in prison and killed their children soon after their birth.Six infants were killed, the seventh one
Balram was transfered to Rohini's womb (another wife of Vasudev) by God and thus saved.Srikrishna, the eighth child was interchanged with newborn baby girl of Yasoda of 'Gokulam' and also saved.Kansa when came to know that the eighth child was not a boy but a girl still tried to kill her.But that infant slipped out of his hand, rose above his head in the sky and said that his enemy had already taken birth and vanished. That baby girl was Mother goddess.Kansa ordered demons to kill all the new born babies in the country.'Poothana' a demoness arrived at Gokulam to kill the infant Krishna but Krishna killed her.When several demons and crooked people arrived to disturb their life  they shifted to another place 'Vrindavan'.At Vrindavan Krishna killed Bakasura,Aghasura,Dhanuka etc.By lifting the Govardhana hill he protected the herds of cows, other animals and birds  as well as the people of Vrindavan from heavy rain.He tamed the highly poisonous serpent 'Kalia' and ordered it to go away from river Yamuna.
Later he went to the palace upon invitation from the King for a wrestling and in that fight killed Kansa.
Krishna then  stayed in the house of Sage 'Sandipani' and mastered in all art forms.Afterwards he went to Gujarat and established his own Kingdom in 'Dwaraka' with his brother.Rukmini and Sathyabhama were Krishna's  main wives.When he was 125 years  old  he decided to end his mission.He went to the forest and sat down under a tree in meditation,A hunter  seeing his foot  through the bushes mistook it as a deer and.sent his arrow which struck on Krishna's foot.Lord Krishna disappeared to heaven in the night of that full moon day on 18th February 3102 B.C.
Govardhan Temple,Mathura
Lord Vishnu took the Avathar of Lord Krishna to kill so many demons who were disturbing the peace of common man and to kill other fierce,crooked and cruel people so as   to eradicate evil.By helping the Pandavas in the battle of Kurukshetra without handling any weapon or killing directly anybody, his tact and tactics and advices to deploy the army helped Pandavas win the battle.Krishna's aim was to cause the death of several wicked and cruel Kings on Kaurava side.He showed the world that ultimately only truth will win.
All the main Gurus of archery,Kripacharya,Dronacharya,Bhishmacharya,Great Karnan, etc were on Kaurava side but had to fail because there was no 'justice' on their side to safe guard them
At the begining of the war seeing relatives and respected Gurus on the other side Arjuna lost his vigour,put aside his weapons and thought not to fight.Krishna inspired  him and his advices to Arjuna were written by sage Vyasa later on  as 'Bhagawad Gita' and it was included in the epic Mahabharatha.
Krishana's teachings are relevant and apt for todays life also.He instruct not to involve in any act which is unfit for the society.Do not think about or act any kind of destructive deeds. To do hard work with dedication is our obligation and do not think about rewards.For your good actions the rewards will be given by God.Every human being should practice meditation which keeps our mind calm and it is the method to see our inner soul.
Guruvayoor Temple,Kerala
Dwarakadhish Temple,Mathura
There are so many other teachings of Lord Krishna which can be found in 'Bhagavatham' and 'Bhagawad Gita'.
Srikrishna may be the Hindu God form who is most affectionately loved,respected and admired by the devotees.May be because in his human form he had displayed several mischievous pranks in the childhood and so
when approaching him people don't have any fear factor.People think that 'to err is human' which Lord Krishna knows very well and so he will forgive our minor mistakes.It is believed that Krishna is very fond of milk,butter,curd and sweets made from milk such as Pedha,Kher,Srikhand etc and because of that in North Indian states on Janmashtami day they prepare all kinds of sweets including Laddu and Jilebi and serve to him.Most of the devotees observe fasting from morning to evening or up to midnight there.Chanting bhajans,puja rituals,adorning the idol of Bhagawan,placing the idol in a decorated cradle and rocking it are all performed there.In all the states Janmashtami is celebrated and the celebration may vary accordingly.
In Kerala  on the day prior to Ashtami Rohini day in the evening 'Uriyadi' is held by which children in Krishna's makeup has to hit and break hanging pots of milk or curd with a stick.On the Janmashtami day morning and evening time people visit temples,Krishna temple in particular.Many people observe fasting till evening or till midnight.In all Krishna temples there will be special pooja rituals at midnight in which large number of people participate..It is believed that by observing fasting up to midnight and not to sleep till dawn on the next day, our sins of several births will be removed by the God.Kerala people prepare 'Palpayasam' and 'Unniyappam'(Sweet Items) on Janmashtami day and offer to Krishna in their Pooja rooms.
Janmashtami falls on the eighth day of the second lunar fortnight(krishna paksham,which comes after the full moon day) in the month of Chingam in Kerala(It is called Sravan in North India).
The organisation 'Bala Gokulam' conducts 'Sobha Yathra' in all important places of Kerala on Janmashtami day afternoon by which colorful procession with dance, music, floats, etc takes place.In the procession thousands of children with masks and makeup of different characters like,Krishna,Radha,Vasudeva,Yasoda,Lord Vishnu,Lord Siva,Lord Hanuman,Lord Ganapathy, Sage Viswamitra,Sage Narada etc etc take part which creates much pageantry and large number of people gather on the road sides to watch it.

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